Sleep: A Good Night for a Good Morning (and vice versa)

One of the most frustrating things I experience is with what I call the "perfect bedtime setup." I've finished working hours before, haven't had any coffee or caffeine since the morning, have read my book, and I feel tired, but I still can't sleep. What's up with that?

This episode is devoted to the insomniacs (whether occasional or chronic) in the crowd who want to understand why sometimes we just can't sleep. I thought our expert this week, Laurie Santos of Extreme Dream Training, was so effective because she addressed some of the lesser-known things -- the myths, if you will -- that we believe will make us sleep better and don't, and how other more subliminal things may be at work here.

I'm throwing virtual kisses over to the bloggers who gave us the goods in this episode: Northern Cheapskate and Momathon blog. Thanks for your input!

We've received some VIDEO responses from the community that well be integrating into future episodes. Keep them -- and your tips, posts, and ideas -- coming. You can leave them as comments here, post your video to, or tag your posts on your own blog "thejuice" so we can find them.

Keep in mind that we'll be exploring the mind-body connection more in upcoming episodes. What would you like to know more about?


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