Sleeping your way to Wisdom and Intuition - in the Social Media Era

How many times you do hear the terminology "Why don't you just sleep on it?"

Sleep is an essential aspect of our overall well being, but a good night's sleep can also help you access your wisdom and intuition. The study of dreams, the research into the subconscious and the recognition of  Theta brain waves - that  place just between asleep and awake - is beginning to give us a very different view of the power of sleep.  Theta Brain Wave state, for instance, is where you can truly access your intuition and wisdom - and is that place where you find that great idea you have been searching for.  In order to access it, however we need to set some steps into place.

In this video this week we look at how technology and social media may be two of the contributing factors to not being able to get a good night's sleep, and I share six super sleep strategies with you to help ensure you not only get a great night's sleep, but you also use that sleep as a way to access your own all powerful wisdom, intuition, clarity.


Sally Thibault

Speaker & Author