Sleepy Binge

  How am I supposed to eat healthy ALL the time??  Whata bout when I'm too tired and all the quick options are junk options?  Is there any way I can just "make up" for it?  

  These are the questions I was faced with today.  And I know if I was faced with these questions someone else probably is too.  After sitting at the computer exhausted, and nursing my little one to sleep, I was starving.  But I also couldn't put the baby down, or else I would never get a chance to take a nap.  Besides I was too tired to make anything anyway.  So I poured myself a big cup of milk, grabbed 4 kiddie sized bags of chips, and the whole bag of chocolate chip cookies and laid on the couch with my sleeping baby and watched Ocean's Thirteen.  I know.....terrible right?

  Well Instead of beating myself up, I decided on 2 things:  #1 I know when I get home it'll be a little bit easier to eat the way I know I should, and #2 this could be a learning experience to share with other women!  Now all those cookies and chips seem worth it.

  So - how do you "make up" for those binges?  The day after a binge, decide you won't top your previous day's indescetions.  And if you do, so what.  Then you'll just make it a 2 day "make up" period instead of 1.

  When you're "making up" for a day of sugar and grease think of it as detox, or cleansing.  You want to get rid of those impurities and hopefully burn a few calories - w/o killing yourself in the process.  So drink plenty of water.  You should be doing that anyway, but let's face it - most of us don't get as much water as we should on a regular basis.  So this is one of those times when it's absolutely neccesary.  Avoid sweet drinks.  But if you can't survive on water alone, make it 100% juice only or even some tea, but use honey & lemon instead of sugar.  No soda or artificial sweetners today!!

  Stay away from sweets.  Yes, I know it's hard.  But you're cleansing.  Stay away from the un-sweet junk too, like chips and fried foods.  For today try taking a multivitamin and eating LOTS of fiber.  And make at least half your grains for the day whole grains.  Instead of your sugary cereals, try honey nut cheerios.  Need something quick, one of my staples is peanut butter & jelly.  Whole wheat organic bread, all fruit spread instead of jelly, and organic natural peanut butter.  

  Try fruit.  It's a good snack when you've got a hankering for dessert.  I know it sounds crazy.  When you wnat cheesecake, you want CHEESECAKE.  But just try it.

  And last but not least break a sweat.  You don't have to make a trip to the gym.  Give the little ones a piggy back ride.  Or go bike riding.  Go for a run.  Too much to do, maybe you can do some grocery curls on your walk home, wlak the groceries to the kitchen one bag at a time.  But be active.

  We're all human an no one is perfect.  But take comfort in the fact that it's never too late.  And there are small changes you can make to get on track when it seems you've ruined all your hard work.  I hope these small tricks are practical for you.  I'm looking forward to getting home and holding myself accountable.  I'll tell you how it goes on my end.  


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