Slow and Fast Oxidizers: Does this jive with you?

I attended a local support group for weight loss and the young girls that taught it (fit, sweet college educated girls) told us that we needed to have a certain amount of our daily diet from carbohydrates and that we needed to eat a good substantial breakfast.

I don't like traditional breakfasts and when I eat them I feel hungrier after and my head feels foggier and so I'm happier waiting a few hours before munching down something.  I also don't really like pastas and white rice and bread and potatoes.  I don't like berry pies and I don't like sugary candy.

Now - I have to say that I am overweight because even though I don't really care for those things, I still eat them.  With glee and gluttony.  I love pasta with cheese sauces and a good grilled cheese sandwich and nice hearty quesadillas. I also love chocolate and chocolate bars and cookies with nuts in the them (yes, it is sugary candy, but not like gummy worms).

Now, the crazy thing is that while I do not like cereals or oatmeals or pancakes for breakfast, I am okay with eating some pickeled herring or salmon or leftover steak.  I've always been like this.

So I sat in the support group meeting and thought, "Ick.  I don't want to eat that stuff and when I do, I don't feel good".  And then I went home and came across something about fast and slow oxidizers.

Could it be that I am a fast oxidizer?  I love the foods that are suggested and, especially now that I've been really monitoring my calories in, I find that my energy is far better and I am far less hungry if I have a lunch that includes kipper snacks.  Or anchovies.  (I also notice that if I avoid those heavy carbs like potatoes and pastas, then I don't really have a problem keeping the flood gates of gluttony under control)

I don't really think we all process food the exact same way, but I could just be having fun with some new idea.  Before I go back to this support group and share my thoughts, I'm curious what others have experienced.

Do you know anything about it?  Do you crave certain types of foods and not others?

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