Slow Food Italy in August '09

When Carlo Petrini wrote in 1989 "Against those, the majority, who confuse efficiency and frenzy (...) against the leveling off of Fast Food, we discover the richness and aromas of local cuisine. If Fast Life has changed our lives in the name of productivity, and threatens the environment and the landscape, Slow Food is today's cutting-edge answer" he probably did not anticipate that in just ten years the movement would boast 90,000 members in 122 countries. <!--break-->

It is not hard to argue that eating locally makes sense when, like Carlo Petrini, you live in Piemonte - one of the richest and most bountiful food and wine regions in the world with culinary and cultural traditions intertwining French, Swiss and Italian influences. A visit to the Piemonte several years ago inspired me to join the slow food movement, and to change the way that I shop, cook and eat.

Fortunately I live in California's central valley, where year round we are fortunate enough to enjoy locally produced fruits, vegetables, nuts, seafood, meats and wines. Now I am taking my twin passions for Northern Italy and Northern California and sustainability and exploring ways to share these interests with a larger community.

August 2 through 9, I will be leading a food and wine tour to Northern Italy in conjunction with friends at the highly acclaimed Hotel Castello di Sinio The tour will include all transportation and accommodations, artisan food and winery visits, three hands on cooking lessons and most meals. We'll also visit the international slow food offices in Bra. The mountains, castles and vineyard covered hillsides make Piemonte's landscape a perfect backdrop for warm summer days and enjoying "La Vita Vera". The trip is being delivered at a discounted rate for 2009 of $2495 exclusive of airfare.

I am also currently promoting Piemontese cooking classes to be delivered in Northern California in late August, and working on creating Slow Food tours of the greater Bay Area. So more blog to come on that!



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