Slow Love : Your Soul Needs This

The moment I pulled this book out and held it in my hands, I could feel the cover beckoning to me. And when I finished the prologue, my soul was immersed.   

“I welcome you into my story with the image of me on my hands and knees on the cool, damp earth, peering into the heart of a flower, hoping none of the neighbors see me and think I’m stoned or I’ve lose my mind.” 

Dominique Browning finds herself in the place where nobody wants to be and where far too many have ended up. Unemployed. But not without a love story to finagle the mess even further. Stroller is a big piece of the puzzle that just never seems to fit, no matter how many different ways she tries to turn the piece, over and over again. 

Like it or not. We all fall. And in one shape or form, there is always a “Stroller.” There is always someone along that dark road that, while their presence wouldn’t be missed, you become stronger because of the trials they added to the tribulations.

  “I am always surprised by joy, and that is what is suffusing my entire being. I feel it start deep in my belly and spread up and over my body, and I recognize it for what it is: … the sheer pleasure of being here, the profound honor of witnessing life.”

I wrapped my head around this sentence a hundred times and let it envelope me as I closed the book. “…the profound honor of witnessing life.” 


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