Slowing down you can focus and achieve so much more than being in a rush!

We rush around trying to accomplish so much in our fast paced society never feeling that we can get it all done.  Endless list that keep growing never coming to the end is the fate we face day in a day out.  Rushing to get it all done is the problem. In our haste to run as fast as we can we lose the beauty of the present moment. By not focusing on the present moment we never get it all done. By slowing down, appreciating, savoring, focusing on the present moment we accomplish all that we wish to do without the stress associated with getting it all done.  Not only do we do all that we set out to do but we do it better.  Living in the present moment allows us to be our best.  When we rush, don't focus, not be present many errors, mistakes happen without even our knowledge.  How many times have you mindlessly finished a task, not being present, only to find out that you did it all wrong having to wast more time to do a simple task again!  If you were in the present moment you would have done your task the first time right, not having to complete it over.


So slow down, be present, focus to do your best saving time so you can achieve so much more without stress.  That is why time is just an illusion that we create in our mind to set a frame work for life. Time is not real. We create time in our life, only the present exist, not the past or future. Time is necessary but know that it is just an illusion, keep the present moment as your center to live life, not time. By living in the present moment you savor all that aspect of life, enjoying, feeling, being aware, truly alive.  Much more satisfying than just rushing doing an activity just to get it done, without feeling anything.


With savoring life comes personal grown and internal satisfaction, happiness, all that we have been trying to achieve but has seemed so allusive comes to us when we live presently. It sounds simple, easy which it is if we realize that by focusing, being present, aware, all will change. Not just a little change, no a large shift in our life takes place when we are present, not just a visitor, but a participant.  Change like this takes effort to create a major shift, effort well worth the benefits.  Like any new habit or life style, we usually resist if we are not open to change. Fear our old enemy shows up when we try something new.  That little voice filling your head with all kinds of crazy reasons why you can't do this or that. Just remember not to invite fear to the party. Live free of fear to create the life that you want.  Fear doesn't live in the present, only in the past or future.


By living each moment to the fullest you set yourself on a path to be your best, to achieve your goals effortlessly without fear or judgement. Life becomes all that you want when living in the present moment.  Living free with happiness, gratitude, love and kindness makes a life filled with joy.




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