SlutWalk Dallas

Unless you've been living under a rock, you know about the furor that's been raised by a Toronto police officer when he suggested that women can avoid being raped by not dressing "like a slut." In response, women in Toronto organized SlutWalk to demonstrate that what a woman wears has nothing to do with rape, whether it's considered "slutty" or not.

Elizabeth Webb, a rape survivor, was inspired to organize a SlutWalk in Dallas. A huge number of women and men from the area gathered to support a woman's right to safely wear whatever they want, without fear that she'll be accused of "asking for it" if she is sexually assaulted.

This message is one of the most important that needs to be shouted loud and clear. Victims of rape are still, even in 2011, accused of asking for it a variety of reasons, the main one being her clothing. The fact is that any type of clothing, even a burqa, could theoretically be considered sexually attractive by someone. After all, rapists aren't exactly known for following the norm. It's not only unfair but dangerous to assume that clothing can instigate a violent sexual attack on anyone.

Kudos to the Toronto "sluts" for starting the ball rolling, and to Elizabeth Webb for keeping up the fight in Dallas.

Check out the slideshow of the Dallas SlutWalk participants!


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