Small Thanks, Big Change: Gratitude from a Hospital Room

An idea started peculating in my brain on Christmas morning.  Michael was in the hospital but doing well, and I had taken the boys to visit.  We stopped in the cafeteria first, everyone hungry after an early morning of finding what Santa left under the tree.  I was very thankful for the hot food and warm smiles of the staff.  I didn't hear one bit of grumbling about being there on Christmas morning.

I was also trying not to grumble- my boys were happy, and my husband was on the mend, but it wasn't where I wanted to be.  It probably wasn't where they wanted to be either- but thinking on it more, I'd bet that at least a few of them volunteered so those with young kids could be home.

As I let the boys pick their food, including a request from Drew to see if they could put chocolate chips in the pancakes (and yes, they found some), I wanted to tell them thank you for being there and being open, for serving hot food, and for doing it with smiles.  (I know it was a management decision to be open with full menu for staff and patient families, but you never would have known it wasn't their choice.)  I wanted to tell them that on a morning like that, it meant the world to have my boys smile over the buffet of choices, and the time saved from cooking to instead be with Michael.

But I don't do that.  I save words for things I think, not things I feel.  Sometimes I put them here- but that's pushing it.  To be vulnerable enough to tell someone how much their simple actions meant?  Hmmm.... well, it was Christmas morning, a morning for miracles.  So as we paid, I looked the cashier in the eye and told her that though I knew she'd rather be somewhere else, it meant a lot to people like us, and thanked her for the cheery attitudes.  She did seem a bit uncomfortable, but sometimes that's a good thing.

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