The Smart Kitchen Is Really and Truly Here

George Jetson’s “smart” kitchen is finally here.

You remember George, don’t you? The Saturday morning cartoon character whose housekeeper, Rosie, would put a brick into the oven and, seconds later, a fully cooked roast would pop out? 

It’s not quite that easy yet, but there are a few devices out there that prove that a Jetson’s-like smart kitchen isn't that far away.

We’ve been able to connect the care and maintenance of our homes through the Internet for a few years now... thermostats, lights, sprinklers, security systems, televisions, etc.

But now, even our small, everyday kitchen appliances can be programed and operated from our phones or tablets. Here’s what I found at the recent International Home and Housewares Show:

Before you start cooking, you’ll need the Orange Chef Company's Prep Pad, the smart kitchen food scale that connects over Bluetooth to your iPad. It uses an app to show you the nutrition in the food based on weight, not labels. Take a look:  

The app-enabled iDevices Kitchen Thermometer lets you program the cooking time and temperature on your smart device and then monitors the temperature of whatever you’re preparing. The thermometer sends that info via Bluetooth to your smartphone or tablet as it cooks and when it’s ready.

The Smart Kitchen: iDevices Kitchen Thermometer

The Crock-Pot is probably one of the first programmable kitchen appliances. Now, no matter where you are, you can turn on the Crock-Pot and adjust the programmable cook time and temperature from your smart phone or tablet. Crock Pot Finished cooking… but forgot to sweep the kitchen floor? Send a message to Ecovacs Robotics’ Deebot D9 and it will clean your kitchen floors... or all of the floors in your house for that matter. It even returns to the charging dock and empties its own bin when it’s through cleaning! That's my kind of vacuum!

The Ecovacs Deetbot D9

  But by far, the best “smart” device I saw at the show was the Famibot... which really reminded me of Rosie (the Jetson’s housekeeper). Smart Kitchen Ecovacs Famibot

Ecovac's Famibot is an air purifier, smoke detector, entertainment center, security guard and home network connector. This little guy can even roam around your house and take photos and videos inside and send it to your phone or tablet.

Having a smart home seems like it would be really cool... but with all the bad guys out there, what if they find a way to reprogram my pot roast?


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