I got to thinking this morning about SMART MOVES and dumb moves people make……Life is about making decisions all the time…..We make decisions from the time we get up in the morning till the time we go to bed…..Our lives are based on decisions……So why do some people seem to have things work out better than others in life?

I believe that some people simply are “on top of their game” more than others…..Life is like a game of Chess….We are always making one kind of move or the other…..and some people have planned out their course of action long before we even made our moves…….Simply we have to sometimes be “ahead of the game…” That is not always possible, but much of the time it is….

SMART MOVES is planning strategies in life for each area….in detail……For example, Our Health….Why do some people seem so fit and healthy while others are like a broken down old car? In many cases I think it is because the person who was healthy and fit took an active role in their lives to plan out a good health strategy….One that promoted great health through great daily habits……The person who was broken down didn’t have a very good strategy in many cases and simply allowed their bodies to go in any direction it felt easiest…..

Finances are another way people mess up…First, even the best laid plans can get messed up so people have to be on top of what they are doing beyond just saving. Making one wrong decision can wreck havoc….So one has to really stay on top of everything they are doing….People who are in financial messes often made one unwise decision after the other…..Not always…but most often…..We have to forecast problems that are not yet here. Sometimes we can’t do that entirely, but most often we can to the degree that it can help us from unnecessary problems…..

Relationships are a biggie…..So many messed up relationships…Why? Well, there can be a lot of reasons….but many preventable…..As relationships go on people often become used to them where they no longer seem new…in turn taking them for granted. When one begins to take for granted what they once loved they tend to almost always do less to promote the relationship’s wellbeing….When lack of attention takes over so do the weeds in the garden so to speak……When the weeds grow up in relationships it tends to strangle what is good in the relationship and ultimately the good dies off and leaves one only with the weeds…..

Smart Moves is simply thinking ahead to prevent things that reasonably could occur from occuring by making decisions to navigate around those potential issues and away from them….How we set up our lives determines our successes in each area of life…..It is up to us to make SMART MOVES in life in every area…..It is likely that no one else is going to do it for us….


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