Smart Saltwater Aquarium Stocking

clown fishWhen you go to a pet store and see clown fish or anemones elegantly on display, do you consider their origins? As for almost all freshwater fish, they are bred in captivity, which is harder for some species than others. However, saltwater fish are a completely different story. While some marine fish are certainly bred in captivity, this is a much greater challenge than freshwater fish reproduction. Science is having a great deal of difficulty figuring out how to breed many marine fish in captivity. Those that cannot be bred in labs or aquariums are quite simply taken out of the ocean. While one fish may not seem like a big deal, the aquatics industry is not small. Many people have saltwater aquariums, and the disappearance of a large number of fish for viewing

Lion fishpurposes from their natural environment is unacceptable.

Some pet stores have now switched to labeling their marine fish as either wild caught or captive bred, making selection easier. There have definitely been recent advances in breeding, and there are several marine fish available today that are captive bred that did not exist several years ago. I strongly suggest paying attention to labels and buying smart when it comes to saltwater fish. Do not overstock your tank and do a lot of research before starting a marine tank. The initial cost is high, but these tanks can be beautiful, rewarding, and ecologically sound.

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