The Smartest Women You Should be Following on Twitter

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Fast Company came up with their list of the 25 smartest women on Twitter, and no one can deny that there are intelligent women on the list. The problem with the list is the same problem that often comes whenever a single organization or person compiles a list: it lacks diversity. It lacks diversity in colour, ideology, follower numbers. Their list is exactly the people you've come to expect to find on a "smart women" list and lacks the brilliant women YOU follow on Twitter: the ones that blow your mind with the way they can sum up enormous thoughts in 140 characters.

So without disrespect to Fast Company's list, we'd like to compile an unlimited list (because what the hell is up with boiling down the entire Twittersphere to only 25 women?).  We can start with their base, but then we need to jump off to include women of colour, varied political voices, diversity in age, and most importantly: the overlooked.

Because those are the voices we want everyone to find -- not the ones that we all know about already, but the ones we may have missed because we're tucked into our own corner of the Twittersphere and don't know about the intelligent things being said by the people we've never heard of yet.

So make us hear about them.

Let's crowdsource this list so we make sure that all those Twitter handles that never bubble up onto these lists are additionally found along with the ones that you'd expect to find.

Tell us: Who are the smartest women on Twitter?


Image: Andy Melton via Flickr

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