Smarty Ants Phonics Reading Pup Review and Sweepstakes!

Smarty Ants invited 8 BlogHer Reviewers and their children to try their new Phonics Reading Pup. Combined with the online reading world, this cuddly companion is designed to introduce children to a lifelong love of reading. Check out each of the reviews below to learn what a spectacular online learn-to-read experience they had!

You have 8 chances to win $100 and a Phonics Reading Pup with a 1 year subscription! Share a comment on each blog, 8 people will win!

Courtney from Storing Up Treasures is "thrilled with this program" and her daughter "is already learning new words!" Even more, her other four year old wants to try it out next! 

Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil feels SmartyAnts "MUST have been created specifically with my 6‐year‐old daughter in mind!  For her, having a tangible toy that ties in with the computer game has really intensified the learning experience and made it far more fun!"

Swistle says "it's exactly the sort of thing my kids would go nuts for, and if I'd seen it before this review I would have bought it for them for Christmas!"

Mary from Owl Haven says “both of my daughters are having a lot of fun playing the games, and are getting some reading practice along the way. If you have a child needing some phonics help, you may want to check out this game!”

Missy from It’s Almost Naptime Class  can't wait to see how her daughter's reading improves with this program! Maggie was started out at her own personal level, so that the games are tailored just to her. I can log in to a special parent section and see exactly how she is doing on each reading skill."

Kristen from Rage Against the Minivan loves the Smarty Ants system! "The graphics are well done, and the figures look almost 3‐D! The kids get to customize their ant, and there are several incentives for kids to continue learning. There is not a lot of fluff in this game: it is VERY educational. And yet my kids found it ENGAGING and FUN!"

Brenda from Secret Agent Josephine and her little "bug give this toy and website membership a BIG thumbs up!  It's fun, creative, and SMART!"

Stephanie from  NieNie’s Dialogues shares, "Nicholas immediately took to the dog who talks, and sings, and moves his head and lips. It was amazing." 

 Cuddly Companion Helps Teach Reading Skills

The fluffy puppy toy stands approximately 11 inches tall and is surprisingly soft and plush despite its robotic mechanisms. It comes loaded with 10 songs designed to help teach your child the alphabet, letter sounds, phonics, word building, and rhyming. The dog also includes one story and song that combines all of these educational motifs.

Press either of the puppy's front paws to activate the songs or story. The dog moves his head and body while he sings or tells a story in his pleasant tenor.


Fun Online World Helps Kids Meet Reading Standards has a customized reading program that keeps pace with your child, helping her to stay challenged, rewarded, and learning.

The SmartyAnts site is secure and password protected, and it is designed to let kids play independently and learn at their own pace. The SmartyAnts online world includes a wide selection of reading games and activities, more than 60 stories, over 300 sing-a-long songs, and 125 learning videos that provide phonics, letter-recognition, and word-building skills. There are plenty of tools to help your child learn letter sounds and start building them into words, sentences, and fun whimsical stories.

Visit to learn more about the Phonics Reading Pup and the fun online world!
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