Maple Tempeh Broccoli Pitas

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[Editor's Note: This sandwich is vegan, but has a heartiness factor not often seen outside meatier sandwiches. Packed with protein and nutrients, but also loaded with flavor, it's a great lunch or dinner option. --Genie]

Smoky Maple Tempeh Broccoli Pita. pocket meal!

Who says a pita can't carry a little muscle? Usually you'll see a delicate ingredient paired with a hearty ingredient in a pita. Like spinach paired with chunky blocks of tofu. Or dense beans paired with fluffy rice and light crunchy veggies. Well, I adore eating broccoli and tempeh for lunch or dinner—so I decided to stuff it all into a pita. It was a hearty bite filled with flavor.

Maple Tempeh Broccoli Pita

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