A snap shot of the past

So, I am at Wal-mart doing weekly grocery shopping and I am walking outside to my fiance's truck to put groceries in back and I feel eyes upon me. It is windy and I am trying to get the bags in before I freeze my ta ta's off because although it is sunny, it is chilly too. I look over to where the carts go after you are done and I see the vehicle parked next to it and notice a woman behind the wheel and she is, dare I say, mad dogging me. I am like, who the hell is that and I squint my eyes to try to asertain who the nut job with the grudge behind the wheel is. What the hell, did I cut you off at the check out line or what? So as I am looking intenetly feeling like Wyatt Earp in a stare down at the Kitty Cat Corral, it dawns on me who this half wit is. It is my fiance's ex-friend with benefits because they never dated. It was just a convenience thing and let me tell you, she dragged us through the ringer and eventually we had to take her to court for harrassment. Well, I know she knows who I am because his truck is hard to mistake and here I am, packing away groceries and I have to walk right near her car and put the cart away so I trot over and put cart away and take another gander at her and she is intently watching me, yeah baby, take a picture with your phone, it lasts longer is what I wanted to say. I saunter back to the truck and toss my head back to look over once more and she is seething by now. In her damaged head, I stole him away when he was never hers int he first place. That and she has the face of knotted cedar plank. So, I pull out and drive by her and look one last time and I swear she was foaming by then at the mouth. Such is life...I hope she doesn't transform into Cujo by the time she gets home.

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