Sneak Peak: So...Let's Hang Out

I couldn’t be happier to have the super talented Gina of So…Let’s Hang Out here today on B & B for a little sneak peak! I am more than slightly obsessed with her sketches, they make me so happy I could squeal, and her sense of humor always has me laughing out loud. I even received a few weird looks from Todd today as I snickered my way through this post. Did I mention yet that her recipes seriously blow my mind? *I have included images and links to a few of my favorite recipes from Gina at the end of this post. On top of being an amazing cook, super funny, and a great illustrator, Gina recently began writing forThe Kitchn and gets to tour fabulous kitchens in the Bay area and share them with all of us. I am so happy that she took a minute and shared a few tasty tidbits about herself here with all of us, be sure to hop on over and say hello!

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Hello, Lovelies!

First off, I feel pumped (like…fist-pumping-pumped) to be here today. I’m so honored Meg asked me here to share my site with you. I’m wearing both a beard and a bonnet to celebrate this momentous occasion. Not really, but I totally could. Is it weird that I have both of these things lying around? Maybe. Is it even weirder that I have a choice in bonnets (Medieval or Gold Rush)? Completely.  Have you ever tried to wear a fake beard? Want to talk about how itchy spirit gum is? No? Okay.

I think I’m nervous. I haven’t even properly introduced myself. By all accounts, you most likely think I run a website for bonnet collectors or a social networking site for fake-beard enthusiasts. While these both seem like fun and unusual places to visit (and things that I shall be Google searching when I’m done here), it isn’t the party I’m hosting in my part of the web. I would love an invitation to that party, though. Seriously.


Starting over…

1) My name is Gina.

2) I write a blog called So…Let’s Hang Out. It’s basically a food blog, but sometimes I will draw you a picture of an animal in human clothes.

3) I live with arguably the greatest husband ever. He is loving, supportive, super fun, and always laughs at my jokes. Except that one time he didn’t, and I cried. To be fair, I was really hungry. Like…REALLY hungry. Tell me you’ve been there.

4) I’m not a great dancer, but I’m enthusiastic about my moves. I have a really good one that includes a cowboy gallop with my lower half while making an air-PB&J with my upper half. It sounds uncool when I type it out. Maybe I should rethink that one. However, the one that combines The Sprinkler with The Running Man stays. It’s a classic.

5) I used to be friends with this kid named Gluten, but after realizing he gave me tummy-aches, made me (REALLY) grumpy and sometimes sneeze-y, I decided to end that relationship. No one needs toxic friends.

6) I am in love with polar bears. If I had it my way, my best friend would be a polar bear named Geoffrey. We would have watermelon margaritas, and chat about the latest episode of The Bachelorette. He would give great hugs (bear hugs—duh!) and always tell me my hair looked amaze. Not that I have thought about this…

7) I like to juice, but I ain’t afraid to make cookies. Kale is my power vegetable and I could eat it in almost everything. Also, this one time I made dairy free Nutella and everyone was like “WHOA!” You should totally make it. Oh, and these tarts I made the other day will make your friends high five the heck out of you.


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