Sneaking Stripes Into Modern Quilts

A couple of years ago or so, I realized that I loved to work with solids, that they emphasized the simple geometry of a quilt top in a way that really suited my aesthetic. But apparently somewhere along the line, this preference became a rule– something I realized as I continued to dive into my shot cotton fabric stash, avoiding all those beautiful striped patterns that I once coveted.

Until one afternoon, I decided to rip the bandaid. Which makes it sound like this was a painful decision– au contraire, I love how this nearly wholecloth quilt top is a true celebration of stripes, with a simple (and yes, solid) patchwork border along one edge.

Once I get a particular idea in my head, I roll with it for quite a while…

I vary it a little bit.

And I try it out in different sizes.

It’s not just the unusual insertion of striped fabric that I’m loving. There’s such simplicity to this design– it’s clean, minimalist, very modern.

All of these shot cotton quilts are actually part of a specific project I’m working on– details to be disclosed soon.

Anyway, it’s nice to have broken out of my self-imposed mold. Funny how we do that to ourselves, but that’s part of what I love about quilt making– the constant evolution.


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