Sneaking Treats

I've been sneaking treats.  Sometimes they're in the guise of a handful of my kid's cereal or a couple of kid's vitamins all of which isn't such a big deal, but then they become things I conveniently can't remember.  I think I did it a lot this weekend. 

I made some baked mozzerella sticks with queso fresco for the kids, but of course I had to try a few myself as well as the ones I made with cheddar (which melted down into a delicious mess).   The few I tried probably added up to more than I realize since I sampled the cheese before I even did the baking.

And sighing - what else?  Well I certainly failed to enter in any of my data to MyFitnessPal.  Why would I want to see the truth in front of me in real life numbers.

I didn't binge, but I didn't keep track of things.  I fell into that world of magical thinking where I just kinda hope I still lose weight and somehow my body doesn't know that I didn't really eat more calories than are allotted for my day.  I mean, what's one caramel and a small handful of peanuts a couple times here and there.  I avoided the cashews because I know that rack up the calories and I abstained from a second caramel, but the point is that I kept sneaking little things and those little things do add up and they add up surprisingly fast.

Today is weigh in day.  I'll be pleased if I've dropped pounds and I'll be okay if I haven't.  The thing I have been doing well is exercising and that counts for a lot.

I want to do the community triathlon this year so that means I need to be able to swim a mile, run four miles and bike eight miles all without dying.  I'd like to do it without getting a headache in the third hour as well.  This morning I swam a mile in 50 minutes and feel okay.  I'm no speed demon, but I am fairly even and my overall physical fitness is improving which does feel good.

And I've caught a dang cold.  Buggy colds.  I've been fighting it for a few days.  It's hanging out in my left ear and a touch in my throat and a bit in my head.  It makes it very unmotivating to actually do my work.  Ah well.   One day at a time.


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