Sneaky Pete

I went pretty deep into his search history, started opening files, and made sure to cover my tracks when I closed them.  Lots of porn.  Like a lot of porn.  Which didn’t surprise me, given what I knew about the previous guys I’d dated.  But one site popped up as curious for me, it was bookmarked. An escort service.

One of my best girlfriends had dated a lawyer that used an escort service. He was rather open about it, describing how he would need an escort to a business function or some such reason. Like Pretty Woman – the entertainment industry had created this glamorized version of what it was like to be a streetwalker. Something that never quite sat right with me, especially because it seemed that everywhere I went (as a younger woman, especially) I was continuously being propositioned.  The summer before I met Pete, I even got into a fight with one black dude, because he followed me down the block yelling at me to get off his lawn. I thanked God that a tall, burly gent just happened by the scene that evening, as I was trying to find my car.

But this…this online escort service was different.  It was men….for men.

I closed the computer window, and walked downstairs to Pete, who had come home a few minutes earlier.  He’d asked what I was doing, and I told him straight out – snooping on your computer.  I asked him about the escort service website point blank. He looked surprised, then angry. He explained that he had lots of friends in his line of work, and some of them were gay.  He said that one of his friends had made a listing in that site for another one of their friends, as a joke. Everything was fake. He even brought me upstairs to show me who it was, his friend, Justin.

He proceeded to rake me over the coals for being suspicious, and I let it drop after that, feeling absolutely ashamed.  Several weeks later, we ran into Justin, and his boyfriend Dan – who worked at a local Cadillac dealership.  They exchanged numbers, and Pete bought a brand new car that next month. It was a whole lot nicer than the Dodge Neon that he’d been driving us around in.

I was blissfully happy that year, my life was laying out nicely, and I was so grateful to have a place to bring my son in from California for a visit.

To show my gratitude, I decided to throw Pete a surprise birthday party.  We’d almost been dating a year, and I had met most of his friends, and wanted to meet the rest. A bunch of us got together and planned the perfect surprise, except for the fact that he had figured it out.  I was in my element as hostess, and truly enjoyed cooking and serving drinks, and introducing people to each other. The party went off without a hitch.

Well, almost.

It was that night that I realized Pete was in love with someone else.  His best friend Will.

Will arrived with his new wife, direct from the Phillipines. I was just on my way back from introducing her to some other friends when I saw Will and Pete chatting together.  The look in Pete’s eyes was unmistakable; adoring and full of love.

It was the moment I knew then that he would never look at me like that.

My heart break soon turned to curiosity, which soon turned to obsession.

I would perform endless searches, both online and in real life.  Both at home and at work, and didn’t think about the consequences of finding his dick pics with the computer at my work.  A government institution. A public school.

I didn’t think.

I also didn’t think it would ever be a problem….my problem.



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