She woke up with a urinary tract infection. Burning pain as she peed, the feeling that her bladder was dropping out of her body, blood on the toilet paper. Yeast infection well in effect, with an itch that was dull yet perpetual. The two go hand in hand, she found out. Blurred senstion behind her eyes, feeling utterly exhausted. She still didn't want those pills. So she took out her books and began to read. Bladder infection signifies being angry, usually at someone close to you, "pissed-off" literally. Flush it out of the body with water, lemon juice and take a concentrated does of cranberry several times a day. Vitamins C and E to help curb the infection. Echinacea and oregano oil, alternating, several times throughout the day with a few doses of garlic as well. She bought all of it, sat on the couch with her soup- butternut squash with turmeric- and water and chamomile tea, and rewrote her life plan in one afternoon. The infection took a week to clear, and three weeks total to ensure it was gone. Her body felt alive and new within three days. At the end of three weeks she thought she was in the clear so she had a hot fudge sundae. A small one, but it caused an almost instant relapse. She conquered it the next day, wondering why it is so much easier to go the route of being lazy than to work to feel good.

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