Phantom Hunger: Craving Food When You're Not Really Hungry

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Editor's Note: If you have ever gotten insane cravings despite knowing you've just eaten, simply because you're browsing a delectable pin board on Pinterest, you know all about "phantom hunger." In this post at Appetite For Health, Kellie Weinhold, a clinical dietitian, spells out her coping strategies. -- AVF

As a dietitian, most people assume I'm naturally thin, I don't have to worry about my weight, and eating right just happens naturally. My patients often tell me that I cannot possibly fathom how hard it is to lose weight. This couldn't be farther from the truth!

rockmypalate's incredible food pr0n pin board.

Like many Americans, I have a strong family history of obesity, so I have to work hard every day to not gain an ounce. As a dietitian, I spend my days talking, listening, reading, thinking or writing about food. I'm constantly listening to everyone's food issues and giving my suggestions for healthier options and alternatives to the oh-so-tempting, yet not-so-good-for-us options.

This all-day attention to food can make us think we're hungry and craving food -- even when we know we're not hungry at all. This "phantom hunger phenomenon" is also common among chefs, food and nutrition journalists and anyone else working with or around food. It may even happen to you when you’re reading your favorite cooking magazine or watching the Food Network.

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