10 Great Children's Books that Celebrate Differences!

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I think one of the best ways to help children learn about the world around them and to teach them how to empathize and relate is through reading.We have made reading a top priority with both of our kids since they were born because Evan and I both love to read so much, and we believe whole-heartedly that a passion for reading leads to a passion for life-long learning. I have also been excited to witness how reading a certain book opens up a great conversation between me and Connor or gets him interested about a specific topic that he wants to learn more about.And so when Brenna was born with a visual difference, I began to search for books that teach about differences and about being yourself and liking yourself. I realized how important it was to teach my children about all kinds of difference - not only the visual difference that we live every day, but also cultural/racial differences, religious differences and various disabilities - so that they can relate to, be comfortable with and celebrate what makes everyone unique.We've been reading various books relating to celebrating uniqueness for months now, and from those we've found through researching, at the library and at the bookstore, here are our favorites: 1. . . .

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