10 Practical Ways Your Life Changes as a Mom

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We've seen a lot of posts about how everything in your life changes when you become a mom -- and they're always about big, out there concepts that you don't know to think about prior to motherhood. However, little, everyday things change too, as Kelley from Our Adoption Journey & Life with Kate pointed out recently. Those little things -- dishes, laundry, TV time, and so on -- that you wouldn't think would matter. But they do!

Her list made me nod:

Dishwasher WorkingOur life has changed a good bit, and although a lot of things are very different, they're different in a GOOD way! This is all just part of the new normal!

1. We run our dishwasher just about EVERY day, instead of just once a week!
Pre-Kate, Kevin and I would run our dishwasher about once a week. Maybe. And it probably wouldn't even be completely full when we ran it. Now, our dishwasher is always running. I can't complain though. It's definitely better than those first few weeks when we were in a hotel room in NC. During that time, Kate was eating every 2 hours and we had to wash all of her bottles by hand. Thank goodness for our dishwasher!


Photo Credit: Jenna Hatfield.

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