$100 to Target from Baby Orajel Naturals

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It's interesting how babies can be so different. With Hudson, I finally got things "figured out" in the baby department, so I decided we were ready to try again for a second child. I knew what I was doing so I was ready. And then sweet Hayes came along and rocked our world again. In an amazing way. It was like being a new mom all over again. Babies just keep us on our toes. Their differences are a nice little reminder that they know what they need and what they want, and we need to start figuring it out. Hayes has come with some fun little challenges we didn't experience with Hudson. He rarely cries, but when he does--it's over. He gets worked up so quickly and needs immediate comfort.  He is content to just lie in one spot while he sleeps, so now we're going through doc band treatment to correct his head shape, and he experienced ear infections at a much earlier age than Hudson did. So we got tubes for Hayes at a much earlier age than Hudson got them.

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