13 Signs Your Friend is in Love With You

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Here are some common simple signs to detect if your friend likes you more than a friend.1. Your friend is very happy and lively when you are together. You can see it in his or her eyes.2. Your friend is always available for you, he or she will even cancel an appointment for you.3. Your friend is excited when you make a phone call, he or she will not even attempt to cut your phone conversation.4. Your friend is always looking out for you without any reason.5. Your friend will ask you who is your crush or what do you want from a man or lady, and if you ask why, your friend will just tell you that someone was asking.6. Your friend is always inviting you to eat in a restaurant, hang out at the beach or watch movies together.7. Your friend will try to make you jealous to know if you care.8. Your friend will do the things you like even though he or she doesn’t do that before. Your friend will only do that because of your company.9. Your friend is always touching you or holding your hands at every opportunity.10. . . .

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