Is "2 Broke Girls" Too Racist for TV?

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[Editor's Note: Have you seen the CBS sitcom "2 Broke Girls"? Besides depicting the lives of two young women scraping it by as waitresses in a Brooklyn diner, the show has also been criticized for racist portrayals of Asians and Blacks.

The show's creator, Michael Patrick King, says the brash writing is in good humor. But Balancing Jane thinks otherwise. Read on and tell us what you think. --Grace]

Handing the jive-talking black man his brandy? The Ukranian man not wearing deodorant? The Asian boss talking about his Tokyo-drift style management? Are you losing count? It's okay. King explains that it's not racist because he "find[s] it comic to take everybody down." (You can see the transcript of his confrontation with a reporter over the show's racism here).

So, in addition to racial stereotypes, let's see what other stereotypes are perpetuated in this brief promo. We also have the brunette girl as bitchy ("brown-haired waitress was very rude") and the blonde girl as sex object ("I'd like to ride the blonde waitress like a Tilt-a-Whirl").

So King's basic argument is that because all of his characters are shallow representations of stereotypes, it's okay. He even gets personal, saying that because he's gay and uses gay jokes on the show that the fact that he's not offended means nobody should be offended.

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