21 Signs You Might Be a Mom

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Editor's Note: Things that don't even remotely faze me now that I'm a mom: poop, vomit, fevers, boogers, boogers on walls, being handed boogers from the back seat, answering questions about my genitalia. And on and on. As such, I laughed at this list of things that make you a mom from Rita at Fighting Off Frumpy. Just a warning for the easily-gagged: It starts with a poop story. -Jenna

21 Things That Make You a Mom:

You can do anything - answer an email, take a dump, paint your nails, cook dinner, anything - with someone crawling all over you. It might take you a little longer, but you can still get it done ... perfectly.

You stumble upon a moment to yourself and have a minor freak-out because for a minute you think you've forgotten your kid.

You Might Be a Mom
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