26 weeks

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But who's counting?Me. I am.Really, I feel like such a wee babe whenever I think or talk about this pregnancy because my first inclination is to complain the day away, but then I think about all the wonderful women who have way, way harder pregnancies than me and realize that things are great, really they are.I mean, pregnancy is a beast in general for everyone, save for those few fortunate women who actually feel better when they are pregnant than when they're not (I have met them, they are real, and I am pretty sure they all know how lucky they are). I rarely meet a woman who doesn't have her fair share of difficulties during the gestational months, so I will save you any more gratuitous deats and just say that we're par for the course over here.But I WILL tell you all about this lovely little sun dress that I have on which I decided today is my very favorite maternity dress of all time. . . .

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