3 Comedy Improv Lessons for Frustrated Creatives

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Editor's Note: A while back, an improv theater in Orlando, the SAK Comedy Lab, was offering free improv classes and at least one blogger showed up. Her take-away lessons from this experience are useful to anyone facing a creative challenge. --Heather

3. Don't think so hard. Sometimes, it's okay to go with your first gut instinct. In improv, it's not the wackiest suggestions or most outlandish situations that get the biggest laughs, sometimes it's the most obvious or the first that spring to mind.

I get caught up on this a lot. I think I have to write the world's most original essay or use the biggest word I can think of when I'm working on a print article. I used to tell my creative writing students, there's no such thing as a completely original story. Just tell your story YOUR way.


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