3 Ways a Running Buddy Will Change Your Workout

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Editor's note: As someone who runs solo, I've always wondered what it would be like to have a running partner. Would their presence push my workout to new heights, or drag me down? Would I appreciate having someone to chat with, or get annoyed listening to their heavy breathing? When Melissa's husband proposed joining her on her runs, she wasn't sure how she'd react. Now, she's thrilled to have him along, and here's one reason why. – Judy

Running beside him has pushed me in more ways than I ever thought it would. Knowing he’s just a beginner and running as well as he is, it makes me realize that I have no excuse to be lazy in my training. That I shouldn’t hold myself back any longer. When I’m running and feel the urge to stop and walk, I push longer than I used to, because guess what? He’s keepin’ on, and so can I. Knowing that he’s pushing through his own mental hurdles (silently, of course), I feel motivated to do so myself. I’ve always considered myself a goal-chaser…but with H, I feel as though I can crush them.

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