4-Ingredient Strawberry Gelatin Mold

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“She turned to the sunlight And shook her yellow head, And whispered to her neighbour: ‘Winter is dead.’” - A.A. Milne Spring in Tennessee is not like spring of my childhood. It is 88-degree days and laying in the sun baking like a batch of cookies and making homemade popsicles that drip down your hands. It is afternoon drives in the country, it is walks through 10 shades of green at the park, it is every day, again and again, saying, “I love the daylight!” “I love this time of year!” “I love where we live!” (of course, this last week, it has also been 20-degree dips in temperature and days of thunderstorms, and that has been beautiful in another way.) And so it was that on a Saturday in May, not June or later, a group of us went to a local strawberry farm and picked for ourselves gallons and gallons (and gallons) of strawberries. . . .

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