5 Lies New Moms Tell Themselves

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Editor's Note: Oh, the lies we tell ourselves, especially about motherhood and especially before we have any idea what motherhood will look like for us. I enjoyed Kim's recent post at Mama by the Bay because it got me thinking about the lies I told myself prior to becoming a mother. The one I shared below was on my list as were many others. What lies did you tell yourself? -Jenna

5 Lies of New Motherhoood:

2. I’ll Never Dress Like A Slob.
Yoga pants are for yoga. PJ’s are for sleeping in. This one comes on fast and furious, ladies, so listen up. Your first week home with baby, you will live in the same.damn.clothes.every.day. You will wear the exact same pair of maternity yoga pants — the ones that are all stretched out and roomy and comfortable (disclaimer: I am wearing them right.this.minute… ahhhhhh), and you will refuse to change because anything else makes your vagina hurt (or your c-section scar, take your pick). You will also rock the same nursing tank top day after day. Because anything else makes your boobs feel like burning hot bricks. You will realize after a few days that what you smell is not just the dishes piling up in the sink, it’s you. Your baby will have puked on your shirt, and peed through his diaper onto your pants. You’ll have terrible night sweats as the hormones work their way out of your body, and holy sh*t did I spill my breakfast smoothie on my shirt or good god are my boobs actually LEAKING? You’ll make your way to the shower, and say to yourself…

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