Afraid of SIDS? These 5 Products Can Help

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Editor's note: Any parent who's lost a child is bound to obsess about the health of future offspring. How to keep these fears in check? Beth, who's recently given birth to a healthy son, was nonetheless haunted by fears caused by a stillbirth in her past. She found an array of new products that helped assuage her fears. Here's one she swears by. – Judy

The Halo is a small monitor that clips onto your baby’s diaper and tracks his movement (including breathing movement). If the monitor detects no movement for fifteen seconds, it will vibrate in an attempt to rouse the baby, and then sound an alarm to alert you after twenty seconds. This is my number one recommendation for managing fear of SIDS. We’ve had a few [ridiculously scary] false alarm when the monitor got jostled out of place, but it has helped me to rest relatively peacefully.

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