5 Things Adoptees Need to Hear from You

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Editor's Note: If there's one thing that the blogosphere has taught us about adoption and the experience of an adoptee, it's that the response is wide and varied. I don't know why that's necessarily a surprise considering that the response of being a human, in general, is wide and varied. Sometimes, because of that varied response, we see arguments with adoptees -- in real life and online -- because they're not happy enough, they're not angry enough, they're not something enough for someone. Amanda at The Declassified Adoptee wrote a brilliant post about the things you -- whether you're touched by adoption or not -- should say to someone who happens to be adopted. It's a list we all need to read and take to heart. -Jenna

5 Things Adoptees Need to Hear from Absolutely Everyone:

"I will embrace those whom you embrace."
I will not use my own lens of how I was raised or how I view family to tell you how to view yours. If your reality of having two non-biological parents, feeling you have four parents, or wanting to include your original parents in your life seems peculiar to me, I will understand that I need to investigate why I feel this way before I respond to you. I will do this to handle your feelings with care. I understand that your connections are important to you. Even if I do not understand your connections, they will be important to me because you are important to me.

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