5 Things I'm Sorry Our Kids Won't Get to Experience

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Editor's Note: Ah, times. How they change. Right? While we can argue that things often change for the better, some things that we did when we were kids were just... cool. Take this list shared by Daenel at Living Outside the Stacks as an example. Makes me want to hop in a Delorean and zoom on back in time. I can still see my tape deck now. -Jenna

5 Things I'm Sorry My Kids Will Never Experience:

And here’s a list of other things they may never experience:

5. Recording Songs Off the Radio ~ I remember sitting there with my finger hovering over the pause button, desperately trying to avoid the DJ’s needless chatter. Seriously, he couldn’t wait til the end of the song to crack that corny joke? How many mixed tapes did we pass on to boyfriends and girlfriends that had songs that ended mid sentence? I remember trying to be slick and adding my own voice edits, like I was hiding something.

Tape Deck
Credit: andrewmalone.

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