5 Ways Your Kids Can Help You Get Healthy in 2013!

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[Editor's Note: Looking to get healthy in 2013? Did you know that you already have a great resource for doing so? Yep! It's your children! Maryann at Raise Healthy Eaters shares five ways that your kids can help you become the healthiest version of you this year. Check it out! -Jenna]

5 Ways Parenthood Can Transform Your Health:

Don’t believe me? Here are 5 ways to use your role as a parent (and your children) to live the healthy lifestyle of your dreams in 2013.

1. Notice the Sticking Points: Whatever was a health issue before kids gets magnified after having little ones around. I call them “sticking points” — and sometimes they pop up where parents least expect. This discontent is actually a good thing because it tells us something isn’t right.

For example, telling your child not to have sweets, only to sneak them at night or making sure your child has multiple opportunities for activity while living a sedentary life yourself, often causes the “guilt” radar to go off. Take notice when this happens.

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