6 Lessons for Success from the Martial Arts

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[Editor's Note: Are hobbies a waste of time? If you're not going to make a career out of athletics or art or music or ...fill in the blank... is it a waste of time? Absolutely, positively NOT! Here is a great post about the important lessons one person learned from martial arts. - Paula G]

Six Start-up Lessons from Martial Arts

Twenty-eight years ago, I won the world judo championships. Unlike almost everyone else who accomplishes that feat, I did NOT go into running a judo school, selling martial arts supplies, or, more recently, mixed martial arts.


So, was that 14 years of competing and training a waste, as far as my career is concerned? I would say no. Thinking about it lately, I see some important lessons I learned from martial arts.

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6 start up lessons from the martial arts

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