My Kids Won't Ever Get the Perfect Attendance Award

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Editor's Note: At the end of every nine weeks in school, the teacher would call the kids who had perfect attendance to the front of the classroom so they could get their certificate. I never got one of those certificates. Not once. I was a rather sickly child. Our older son has gotten a few, though not this nine weeks after a series of viruses made their way -- oh-so-slowly -- through our household. Shell at Things I Can't Say recently admitted to why her kids will never get that certificate either. Really, I understood her list quite well. Do your kids get perfect attendance? -Jenna

6 Reasons My Kids Will Never Have Perfect Attendance:

They’ll never have perfect attendance. While I do think it’s important for them to be in school as much as possible and not miss out on their lessons, sometimes, they are going to miss school… or at least be late. Here’s why:

Doctor appointments are so much easier without all kids in tow. I’d much rather schedule a check up for one of my boys during school hours so that I don’t have to bring all three kids with me or try to find a babysitter. Even though this is an excused absence, it’s still an absence.

Perfect Attendance

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