7 Common Yet Complicated Vagina Problems Every Woman Faces

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Every day, women everywhere are betrayed by their vaginas with “normal,” pain-in-the-ass issues that interrupt our sex lives, social lives, and just our ease of existence in general. Like many women have experienced, I woke up one day with some weird itching and burning in the land down under and knew that it was the beginning of the dreaded yeast infection.Before I high-tailed my ass to the doctor, I opted to try a three-day over-the-counter, injectable cream that made me feel like I was a toddler walking around with a load in my diaper, and since then, it’s been one problem after the next (all for which I’ve consulted professionals).Here are seven common vagina problems that, in my opinion, deserve their own support groups and pocket manuals.1. The Yeast Infection: I love yeast when it’s in beer and bread, but not when it’s overpopulating my vagina. Sometimes it burns, as if you shoved hot sauce-covered fingers up there, and other times you find yourself escaping to dark corners and conference rooms just so you can itch your vulva in private. . . .

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