The Seven Deadly Sins Come to Blogging

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Editor's Note: Lust, gluttony, greed... oh yes, the seven deadly sins are alive and kicking in the social media world. Writing.Wishing has a post outlining how the seven deadly sins manifest themselves when it comes to blogging. Ever raged against a social media site? Checked your follower numbers obsessively? Envied the opportunities of other bloggers? Then this post is a must-read. --Mel

Nearly 2 years ago, I started blogging. As with most of my obsessions, I went into it full force, spending countless hours writing, reading, commenting, social media-ing (I can see you nodding). The difference with blogging is, I haven’t stopped. I’m not sick of it yet. I haven’t lost interest.

I’m still so into it, I have actually committed all 7 deadly sins. Bloggy style.

Which of the seven deadly sins do you struggle with the most when it comes to blogging?

7 Deadly Sins

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