Experiment Against Excess: Can You Do Better?

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Editor's Note: Even for non-green types, there (hopefully) comes a time for awareness of one's own environmental footprint. This blogger and her family have taken a hard look at their daily lifestyle, studied their waste reduction, self-sufficiency and energy consumption and come to some conclusions and alterations. --Heather

I am not normally someone who considers themselves “green”.  As Jen Hatmaker says, there just isn’t a category for it in my mind. I don’t have strong convictions for or against conservation, recycling, and the environment.

But I am willing to learn - willing to open my eyes to waste, willing to make the effort to take care of the earth it took God 5 out of 6 days to create. And after evaluating our lifestyle here is what we decided . . .


Image: CoCreatr via Flickr


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