7 Things To Make Breastfeeding Suck Less

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[Editor's Note: If you nursed your baby, you might remember those early days when everything seems difficult and it seems as though it will never be easier. And then you learned a thing or two -- and so did your little one. House of Peanut just shared seven things that helped her breastfeeding relationship and made it a bit easier. Good tips! -Jenna]

7 Things to Make Breastfeeding Suck Less:

4.29.12However, like all newborns, she eats several times a day, so there are some things that make the experience even better.

1. All-Purpose Nipple Ointment. My doctor calls this stuff "magic ointment" and good lord she was NOT kidding. This made breastfeeding bearable the first time, and I'm convinced it's also kept us thrush and infection-free as well. For the second baby, I was smart enough to get the prescription filled *before* the baby came and took this stuff to the hospital.


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