7-Year-Old Ammaria Johnson Dies of Peanut Reaction at School

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7-year-old Ammaria Johnson died of a suspected peanut allergy reaction on Monday. She was in first grade and it was her first day back after the holiday break. Reports are coming in that the mother was told to leave the EpiPen at home. Parents of children with allergies are understandably upset, as it seems that Ammaria's food allergy action plan was not followed. That worries some parents.

Allergy Moms tackled the sad story yesterday, going beyond the heartbreak and anger of it all and asking the hard questions about why this is still happening.

Very impressed with the EpiPen redesignI'm so heart-broken for this family. I just cannot imagine what this child's last moments were like. She died without her mom or her dad by her side– likely during an ambulance ride. I hope that her teacher or the nurse rode in the ambulance with her.

I wonder what the other food allergic children and their families in this district must be thinking and feeling. It must be terrifying to have to attend school and know that this can happen. On some level, I realize most of our kids realize this but to have such a horrific example, must be traumatic for them.

How can this still be happening?

My friend Sara Shannon lost her daughter Sabrina Shannon to anaphylaxis on September 30, 2003. Sara advocated for "Sabrina's Law" to protect allergic children in Ontario. Sara said: "People don't get it, and they have to get it."

But they still don't.

For more on Sabrina's law, check out Allergic Living's piece. Continue reading Allergy Mom's post for more on food allergies in schools.

Photo Credit: joshuakaufman.

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