Buy Toilet Paper in Bulk -- and Other Pregnancy Tips!

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Editor's Note: Oh, the things I didn't know about pregnancy. In fact, I think that even if someone had told me certain things, I would have laughed, shrugged them off. But Lauren at Lauren's Latest shared eight things she wished she had known. She's pregnant for the second time -- with twins, this time around -- so maybe take her at her word, okay? -Jenna

8 Things You Wish Someone Told You About Pregnancy:

I say none of this to scare you or put you off from having children, because believe me, it's all temporary (most of it, anyway) and the result from it is the most amazing thing you'll ever experience in your entire life. This being my second pregnancy (with twins this time around, nonetheless), I've learned a few things. With that said..let's proceed.

8 Things You Wish Someone Told You About Pregnancy

1. You might as well start buying toilet paper at Costco. Seriously. You'll pee. A lot. Don't even get me started on the frequency of which I pee with twins. Hudson likes to call us out when we step over the baby gate into our bedroom and says "Pee-pee". He thinks every trip to the bedroom means we're going to the bathroom...which, for me, it usually does. Let's just say, I get called out quite often.

Toilet Paper in Bulk
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