9 Things I Discovered on the Way to My First 10K

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September 24, 2012. San Dimas, California.  A date and a place that will forever be etched in my personal history. It was the day I conquered a 10K race.  I ran it just like I had planned to do and finished it just as I had expected to do (well, actually four minutes better than I expected). I am a 10K runner.

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I began this journey ten weeks ago when I suggested to my friend Ericka S., "Hey, what do you think about trying a 10K race with me?"  I knew nothing about what it took to actually accomplish this feat.  Man, did I learn a ton a long the way. And the interesting thing was, I learned a lot more than just how to run in a race. There also were lessons that taught me about myself and what I had in me. Here are the top nine personal revelations that I gained on the road to my first 10K race:

#1- It's Not About Running.

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