Do You Let Your Child Hug Just Anyone?

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[Editor's Note: Do you have a child with Down Syndrome who just loves to hug -- everybody and anybody? Do you let them? Despite knowing it's a stereotype, Leah at Garden of Eagan sees the predisposition to hug as a danger for her children and yours. She has been teaching her kids that "hugs are for family, handshakes are for friends." How do you deal with this issue? -Jenna]

About Those Hugs:

Hugging EveryoneAs much as I dislike stereotypes, there is one characteristic that is common to many kids with Down syndrome, and that's the hug factor. I do know kids with DS who don't like to hug, but most that I know will hug nearly anyone they meet.

If you are a parent of a young child with DS, I have some news for you:

It is not cute, nor is it safe, for your child to hug everyone they see.

If I had a typically developing 6 year old, would you want them walking up to strangers and hugging them? Absolutely not. (at least I HOPE not!) So why, because my kid has DS, is this ok? Do you realize how vulnerable it makes my child? Your child is just as vulnerable.


Photo Credit: Portrait of mother eagerly waiting to hug her daughter photo via Shutterstock.

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