An Older Sibling Shares Her Thoughts on Adoption

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Editor's Note: Maybe you're considering adopting a child. Maybe you are touched by adoption and like to learn about all aspects of the subject. Maybe you don't know anything beyond what television sitcoms and dramas feed you. Whatever the case, I encourage you to read this post Nancy at Ordinary Miracles & The Crazy 8. Actually, the post is largely written by her daughter Liv, sharing her experience as to what adoption is like as a teenager already in the family. Some good, some bad, and something great when our children share their experiences with us. -Jenna

Adoption from a Big Sister Perspective:

What is it like being a teenager with younger adopted siblings?

Our family changed A LOT when Tess and Jude, and now Mimi came home, and not all in good ways. I will not be shy to admit that much of it was HARD. It was hard for me, it was hard for my parents, and most of all it was hard for the babies. And along with all the hard times also came some really awesome and amazing times. As a family we experienced first steps, first words, first family, and laughter that we never could have imagined months earlier.

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