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It's not the first time in American history a Texas court has been held up to ridicule and condemnation over its coddling of rich criminals.Texas has always been infected with "affluenza," or rather juries and judges feeling sorry for rich people who get themselves into trouble. If you are poor or middle class, well, you don't want to be in Texas because the state is all too willing to throw the book at you or even throw you on death row.The case of Ethan Couch is pretty outrageous, and the judge no doubt made her decision mostly because of his age rather than his wealth, but there are even more outrageous cases that have happened in Texas, and they involved juries.The two biggest travesties in the history of American criminal justice happened in Texas and involved two murderers involved in two separate crimes some 25 or so years apart, T. Cullen Davis in the 1970s, and Robert Durst in the early 2000s, and they were both acquitted despite the fact and overwhelming evidence they were both guilty of murder. . . .

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