Alden & Harlow

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It's finally, finally here.There's been a ton of anticipation for the opening of this restaurant by Chef Michael Scelfo, formerly executive chef of the (still) dearly-loved Russell House Tavern. Chef Scelfo's first solo project, Alden & Harlow, is a HUGE undertaking.It's located in the space that was formerly occupied by Casablanca, a Harvard Square institution that's been there for over fifty years.Scelfo has a soft spot for that space."I used to dream at Casablanca about what I would do if I opened up my own restaurant. I would look around at the space, using it as a model.""Never in a million years did I think Harvard Square would be the place for it." And now here we are, Scelfo himself taking over the exact same space where he dreamed so many late nights as a young chef.Scelfo decided to expand the already large Casablanca space, taking over the neighboring eyeglass shop and remodeling the whole space from the ground up.And the result?It's gorgeous.It's rustic yet sleek and modern. . . .

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